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Hangar Flying Advertiser Rate Card

    The Hangar Flying website and Instrument Panel Designer app have been live since 2018 and currently supports over 6,000 users from 60 countries who have designed over 10,000 custom instrument panels for Experimental and Certified aircraft.

    We believe it’s fair to say these users also purchased the equipment and other services required to complete their projects from someone, and we would like to help you be part of the process.

    Please, if you have any questions, kindly feel free to contact me via email or phone at your convenience.

    Website analytics for the period of 1 Jan to 31 Mar 2023

      • Average Monthly Active Users / Sessions:  1,200
      • Average Monthly Page Views:  25,000
      • Average Session Duration:  7m 35s*
      • Page views and Session Times:
        • The Hangar Flying home page is obviously view by everyone who visits the site.
        • The Featured Panels Page is a very popular page, with over 51% of users visiting the page and an average engagement time of over 3 minutes.
        • The Panel Designer app (you must be registered to access the Panel Designer) is the clear winner, with over 91% of visitors utilizing the app. Engagement times range from minutes to nearly 4 hours.

      Our Average Session Duration metric is two to three times longer than the worldwide average. This more directly relates to your ad impressions and click-throughs than other metrics. 

      Since aircraft builders, and those modifying or upgrading their instrument panels and avionics, don’t typically go through this process very often, monthly average users is a more realistic metric of gauging the traffic of our site than overall users.

      As users signup and work through the build / upgrade process, they will spend a great deal of time on the site, and more specifically using the Instrument Panel Designer app.

      However, they will eventually complete their projects and their use of the site will diminish. Active user metrics show the steady stream of users of the site and Panel Designer while working their way through this process.

      Newsletter analytics for the period of 1 Jan to 31 Mar 2023

      • Current Newsletter Subscribers:  3700
      • Average Monthly Newsletter Open Rate:  52%
      • Average click rate for advertisers:  4%

      Our newsletter analytics are not completely representative of the total number of ad impressions, as we also post each newsletter on all 6 of our social media platforms each week.

      It’s difficult to capture the total reach in this scenario as not only do our additional 2000 social media subscriber receive the newsletter, any reposts or forwards could be placing your ad in front of additional potential customers.

      Additionally available analytics

      We try to keep our eye on panel design and avionics trends, and in doing so, have the ability to generate reports detailing how many panel designs are in process for specific aircraft manufacturers and models, as well as panel designs that contain specific instruments from specific manufacturers.

      If you’re interested in any reports pertaining to your company, we would be happy to provide you with some data.

      Website and Newsletter advertising rates and ad placements for the calendar year 2023

      Website Advertising – Click here to see ad examples

      • $500 per year, for the website main pages – invoiced yearly
      • $1500 per year, for the Panel Designer app – invoiced yearly
      • $1700 per year, for all ad placements above (15% discount) – invoiced yearly

      Ad size is fixed at 150px wide, but flexible on height

      Newsletter Advertisement – Click here to see ad example

      • $150 per newsletter (weekly) – invoiced monthly
      • Ad is sized for mobile and typically 300px wide with additional text if requested

      Your ad can be included in the newsletter rotation as frequently as you like

      * We also offer additional Veteran owned business discounts

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