Mobile Devices

by | Jan 19, 2022 | 0 comments

Although we try to ensure our apps work on all platforms such as an iPhone, Android phone or tablet, not every device has a screen that is compatible. For best results your device should have a minimum screen size.

How we define a mobile device

Knowing this is key to enjoy our apps without frustration. In the design and building of our website and apps, we consider a “Mobile” device to be a phone, pretty much any phone. We also consider any tablet with a screen size of less than 10″ to be a mobile device.

Hangar Flying Content and Apps

The Hangar Flying website and all of our general content, including our Blogs and Forums, can be nicely viewed on any device…and although our Panel Designer will work on mobile we recommend a device with a screen size or at least 10″ with the ability to connect a mouse and keyboard for best results.

I have personally worked on my panel designs using an iPad Air 4th gen 10.8” and an iPad Pro 12.9”, with external keyboard and mouse (or trackpad) with no issues.