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Hangar Flying Community Blogs

Instead of just coming up with another Builder’s Log app, we decided to allow our community members to Blog about any aviation related topic you can think of; Builder’s Log, Rebuild or Maintenance Log, Flying Blog or…?

Whatever Blog you choose to create, you’ll have the ability to create unlimited posts with unlimited photos, videos and other documents. Track time and expenses, which can be shown to the public or kept private if you wish. Share your Blog with other Hangar Flying Community Members who can follow and leave comments on your Blog, or simply keep your entire Blog private if you prefer.

Create a new Blog

You must be logged in to create a new Blog.

From the home page, click on the left menu carrot and select Community Blogs. From there, click on the New Blog button.

From there, simply fill out the New Blog form and click on the Create New Blog button;

— The start date is customizable and if you leave the end date blank it will automatically show as “Still Working!”
— Select a category based on what type of Blog you wish to create
— Tags are clickable by visitors and when clicked will show other posts with the same tag
— Have fun with the description, as this is what visitors will see when I get to your Blog
— You can format the text in the Description box