Request a Quote Workflow

by | Aug 21, 2023

We have created a simple but detailed workflow allowing you to create a quote request to send that will be provided to our Partner Vendor.

Once you have completed and saved your panel design, simply click on the Request a Quote link on the status bar of the Instrument Panel Designer.

* If you get a pop-up blocked message in your browser, follow these instructions.

After clicking on the Request a Quote link, you will be taken to the workflow.

The first part of the workflow allows you to add any additional equipment you wish. Click on the Add Equipment button, search for specific items you wish to add, click on Add to Quote and then close the dialog box.

To continue with the quote workflow, simply click on Request a Quote. If you would rather just download a PDF equipment list, click on Download PDF.

Complete the request by providing as much info as would like to provide to our Partner Vendor. Your contact info, aircraft info, and details pertaining to what products and services you would like to be quoted. The more information you provide, the more complete quote you will receive.

Once you have completed the request form, including any additional information you wish to provide, check the “I agree” box and then the Request a Quote button.

* We value you as a customer and would never provide your information to anyone without your explicit permission. By checking this box, you are allowing to provide this information, one time only, to our Partner Vendor.