Upload your own Panel Templates and Instruments

by | Jan 19, 2022 | 0 comments

If you’re unable to find the Panel Template or Instrument you need for your project Click Here to send us a message and we’ll do the best we can to get it added to the Panel Designer.

Also…we allow you to upload your own. Once uploaded, the Panel Template or Instrument will only be available to you until we can evaluate the item for accuracy and image quality. Once we have verified the data and resampled the imagery (if required) we will add the item to the public database for other users to enjoy.

Although the dimensional size of the images you upload is not critical, as the Panel Designer automatically dimensionalizes images on the fly, the quality of the image is important. Use the following guidelines for formatting images. For the the best results, we recommend you use a quality image editor as it will net the best result when resampling images.

Image type: .PNG

Image Resolution: At least 72 pixels/inch

Image size: If you start with an image that is dimensionally correct; 72 pixels/inch and at least as large as the actual item, your upload should be very good – For example, a 3 1/4″ instrument at 72 pixel/inch should be at least 225 pixels wide
Remove all white space from image: Crop or trim the image to remove any extra space around the Panel Template or Instrument.

Use transparent background: Delete all white space, or other color that may be behind or adjacent to the image.